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Estetica Perfecta| Beauty center

Estetica Perfecta Beauty Center

Highlight your natural beauty

About us

  • The face and body care facility Estetica Perfecta was established in Split in 2011. After 28 years of labor, experience, and various trainings, Mirjana and Maja are currently operating their business with great success while keeping their continuous education. They created a salon that became a haven for many delighted customers by setting benchmarks in the field of aesthetic services.
  • Our main objective was to demonstrate to you how much taking care of your face and body can enhance your quality of life. We have widened the scope of services and elevated them to a higher level via devoted work and education in Croatia and abroad, so we can now provide you with some of the most cutting-edge and exclusive treatments in the world. At Estetica Perfecta, you'll discover all you require to feel attractive and content and to make each interaction with us an exceptional one.
  • We are looking forward to your arrival!
  • Mirjana i Maja

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Face care

Microdermabrasion, biological, vacuum and many other


Additional offer of facial care

Make-up, special eyebrow and eyelash care



Relax and anti-cellulite massage



All parts of the body included

Top treatments

  • Classic facial cleansing treatment 90 min.
  • Mesopen therapy - microneedling 50 min.
  • Biological acid treatment 45 min.
  • Eyebrows microblading 90 min.
  • Nail gelling 90 min.
  • Permanent polish 60 min.
  • Esthetic pedicure 60 min.
  • Depilation with sugar paste (whole legs)+Brazilian wax 40 min.

Body treatments

Lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, vacuum and peeling


Permanent makeup

Microblading, lips, eyeliner and eyebrows


Hand care

Manicure, permanent varnish, gelling, nail art


Foot care

Pedicure, permanent varnish, peeling

Successful Stories

Brands we use


2022 February


Although the very word acids does not sound appealing, they have become essential in cosmetic treatments in the last few years...

2022 November

Diamond microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion is a method of grinding the surface layer of the skin, during which we remove dead cells and activate new ones.

2022 November

Why is Microneedling the leading treatment in the cosmetic industry?

A great result is definitely the answer to this question. How and why this treatment gives amazing results...